Sourcing Free Perfume Samples

Published: 25th July 2011
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One of the best things that the internet has to offer is the free samples of products that some manufacturer make available for potential customers to try. From designer perfumes to books and craft items, you can rely on the web to provide you with almost any kind of product that you might be looking for. You donít even need to be that savvy at trawling the internet to access the myriad of websites on the web offering free products. Likewise, there are also many online groups and forums that share information regularly on where to get freebies.

If you are looking for a particular product, all you need to do is look for freebie websites offering that product. More often than not, such products are come in small tester sizes to give you a small taste that the manufacturer hope will encourage you to actually shell out some cash to buy the regular size. You might even be lucky to get a regular size of the item you are after if the makers or distributors are having special giveaway promotions. That would mostly be an exception to the rule though, because manufacturers who give free samples tend to give away small sizes.

Besides, what you can get from free would differ from company to company depending on their size and brand. For instance, there are several sites that offer free perfume samples, while the bigger brands might be happy to send you a free sample, smaller companies might require you to go and puck it up from their designated pick up point or ask you to pay for postage. In which case, your free fragrance sample could end up costing you $3 or more in postage fee.

This is not the same for big perfume retailers however; brand name perfume houses usually send them several bottles of their regular size bottles whenever a new fragrance is released. They do this so that the customer coming to the retailersí perfume counters can try the perfumes and maybe get tempted into buying one. In addition, they also supply the retailers with small sample vials of their best selling perfumes and new releases to give away to customers who ask for them.

As a matter of fact, I also do this in my own perfume business. I give away two small vials of free perfume samples with every purchase, thereís usually just enough perfume in the vials for two or three applications. This way, my customers are able to try out the other perfumes in my range of products for free. I also attach 1ml vial size of perfume to each of my business cards. This means that anyone I give one out to also get a free perfume. These two strategies are by far my most effective means of advertising, because most of the people I give out the sample to end up placing an order at a later date.

In my opinion, if youíre looking to try out some perfumes without buying them, the best way is to go along to your nearest mall and ask at the perfume counter if they have any free samples to give away. The sales attendants are usually more than happy to let anyone have them if there are any in stock. It doesnít matter if you hadnít bought anything that day, the way they look at it is that; although you might not be a paying customer on that occasion, you might be the next time you visit.

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